During these uncertain times in the middle of a global pandemic, we find
ourselves living indoors for almost the whole day. When everything looks
and feels bleak, it makes it tougher than ever for us to maintain a positive
attitude towards any situation. Here are five ways to decorate your living room and make it feel like a comforting space to be in:


A monotone or grayscale aesthetic is definitely a winner when it
comes to taking amazing Instagram pictures. But it can also wear you
down when you get used to seeing the same tones every single day.
Switch up the look with colourful throw pillows and rugs which also
add a supreme level of comfort.

2. Plants

A little touch of greenery never hurt anybody, a couple of potted
plants are a great way to accentuate the dull corners of a living room.
If you don’t really have a green thumb, that’s okay, you can have a
low maintenance succulents and cacti garden. If you still don’t want to
commit, you can always give in and buy a few fake plants.

3. Textures

Play around with different kinds of textures to add a little bit of a
contrast to your living room’s aesthetic. You can add a wooly blanket
or a soft carpet to spice up your living room. You can also play
around with textured accent walls to lend some character to the room.
Experiment with different textures in your furniture too.

4. Light Fixtures

You can have interesting light fixtures to light up the living room. An
interesting light fixture can act as a point of conversation or even a
piece of display art. You can also use smaller light fixtures to
differentiate between various sections of the room like entertaining
space and sitdown space.

5.Signature Pieces

Have an eye-catching signature piece that acts as a central focal
point to your living room. It can be a painting, a unique coffee table or
a bookcase. A single investment in a signature piece can significantly
lift the mood of the room.

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