During uncertain times like this, we find ourselves locked in close quarters for several
months on end. Humans are social creatures and this period of time goes starkly
against our natural instincts. We are in dire need to befriend our surroundings and make
them adapt to our current lifestyle. Here are a few ideas on how to preserve your sanity
and make your home lockdown-friendly.

The most painful part of being quarantined at home is not being able to spend time with
your loved ones and catch up on how they have been doing. Integrate technology into
your home and use it to keep in touch with your friends and family. Get on a video call
with them and satisfy a part of your social needs.

What you can do

You can also see this quarantine is a blessing in terms of self-care and give yourself a
much-needed break from the world. Use this time to check in with yourself and treat
yourself. Create a small workout space in your house with a couple of dumbbells and a
yoga mat. Light up scented candles and soak yourself in a relaxing evening bath.

Bust out all your sources of entertainment, bring out your favorite novels and movies.
You can finally surrender to all your guilty pleasures and give into them. Catch up on
years of missed opportunities for fun. Play some board and card games with your

Practice mindfulness in the form of some gardening near your house. Try and add little
touches of greenery all around the house to have a little element of the great outdoors
in your everyday space. Separate your workspace from your living area to instill a sense
of boundary and separation between your personal and professional time.

With a few right moves and a positive attitude, we will all make it out of this situation
happy and healthy.

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