With property prices skyrocketing now more than ever, we have all been obliged into living in
smaller houses. However, you can make the most of the space you have with just a couple of
efficient and genius solutions. Here are our picks for the top five space saving solutions for a
smaller house:

1. Floating shelves

interior design

Floating shelves are the perfect addition to use your wall space as storage. It looks
elegant an easily fits into most places.

2. Utilizing vertical space

space saving solutions

Some apartments may not have the biggest dimensions, but if they have taller
dimensions, this works out perfectly for you. Use the vertical space to have split-level
areas like this bedroom and work station.

3.Pull-out furniture

space saving solutions

Furniture that can be folded and put away when not being used is a life saver or rather a
space saver in smaller apartments. You can also use furniture that extends to
accomodate more people when necessary. This is one the best space saving solutions.

4.Using wasted space

interior design

When you’re running short on storage space, it’s absolutely essential to use every bit of
space available. Find wasted space and utilise it in the best way possible to make the
most of your space.

5. Use storage as decor

space saving solutions

This kitchen perfectly uses the plain sides of it’s modular kitchen cabinets to but only
store pans, but also to showcase them in a way. The hanging pots and pans give a
rustic feel to the kitchen space and also act as good utility.

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