The AGARWAL SEVA SAMITI’s AGRASEN OLD AGE HOME is created for seniors who can still live independently and care for themselves in a home away from home.

An old age home does not imply that you live there because you are in need, but rather because you want to continue living freely and with the same lifestyle that you have had for many years.

Simultaneously, it allows you to spend quality time with others your age who have similar interests and subjects of conversation.

AGRASEN OLD AGE HOME is located in Bengaluru’s peaceful Lakshmi Sagara, away from the hustle and bustle of the city but near to the best medical services.

Them The furnishings of this property have always had a theme of “Rural brought out in a contemporary shape to respect the old age,” which reacts to two key elements.

Facilities provided

The first goal was to make the environment safer for seniors by installing all necessary safety features such as grab bars in showers, anti-slip mats, wheelchair accessible doorways, well-lit passages and stairways, nightlights, child-proof locks, CCTV, Room bells/alarms, safety bars on passages, sound-proof doors, and signage for easy accessibility.

The second goal was to provide all of the facilities needed at this age under one roof, such as an in-house clinic room with nurse support, a steam room, a massage room, a laundry room, a 100-seater dining hall with a fully equipped kitchen, and so on.

A sophisticated collection of books for the enthusiastic reader, a projection room directly beneath the stars to view your favorite movie in theatre style, A Puja/Prayer Room for meditation, as well as a multipurpose hall for activities such as Yoga, music, and art, are available.

With various indoor activities, a cards table, and a TT table, the gaming zone is reminiscent of sports played in the 1980s.

Finally, we have a wall with therapeutic herbs and plants for people to experiment with gardening. The guest rooms for the inhabitants’ families’ visits are located adjacent to the main structure. Isn’t this living the dream?