AGRASEN OLD AGE HOME is crafted for seniors who can still live on their own and look after themselves in a home away from home, an initiative by the AGARWAL SEVA SAMITI. The concept of old age home doesn’t imply that you live in such a place out of necessity but to continue living independently with a similar lifestyle that you have been accustomed to form past so many years.At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with, like-minded people of similar age group who probably have similar interest and similar topics of discussion.

A well accepted concept of the west and slowly gaining acceptance in India as well. “Home is where the heart isAGRASEN OLD AGE HOME is located in Bengaluru, out of the populated zone and still close to the best medical facilities in the midst of the serene Lakshmi Sagara.

Theme behind the interiors of this home was always “Rural brought out in a contemporary form to enjoy the old age”,caters to two important aspects. First was to have a safer environment for the seniors with all safety measures in place, like grab bars in showers, anti-slip mats, wheelchair accessible doorways, well-lit passages & stairways, night-lights, child-proof locks, CCTV, Room bells/Alarms, safety bars on passages, sound-proof doors, signages for easy accessibility, and second was to make space for all easy-to-access amenities required at this age under one roof to enjoy old age with an in-house clinic room with nurse assistance, steam room, massage room, laundry room, 100-seater dining hall with a fully equipped kitchen, projector room right under the stars to watch your favourite movie in theatre style, fancy collection of books for the avid reader, Puja Room/Prayer Room for meditation and a multipurpose hall for activities such as Yoga, music, art etc, gaming zone reminding of sports played in the 80’s with many indoor games, cards table, TT Table. Lastly, we have a wall with medicinal herbs and plants for the residents to try their hands-on gardening.Adjoining the main building is the guest rooms made for the family of the residents for their visits.  Is this not Living the Dream