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The AGARWAL SEVA SAMITI’s GRASEN OLD AGE HOME is created for seniors who can still live independently and care for themselves in a home away from home.

An old age home does not imply that you live there because you are in need, but rather because you want to continue living freely and with the same lifestyle that you have had for many years.

Simultaneously, it allows you to spend quality time with others your age who have similar interests and subjects of conversation.

AGRASEN OLD AGE HOME is located in Bengaluru’s peaceful Lakshmi Sagara, away from the hustle and bustle of the city but near to the best medical services.

Them The furnishings of this property have always had a theme of “Rural brought out in a contemporary shape to respect the old age,” which reacts to two key elements.

Facilities provided

The first goal was to make the environment safer for seniors by installing all necessary safety features such as grab bars in showers, anti-slip mats, wheelchair accessible doorways, well-lit passages and stairways, nightlights, child-proof locks, CCTV, Room bells/alarms, safety bars on passages, sound-proof doors, and signage for easy accessibility.

The second goal was to provide all of the facilities needed at this age under one roof, such as an in-house clinic room with nurse support, a steam room, a massage room, a laundry room, a 100-seater dining hall with a fully equipped kitchen, and so on.

A sophisticated collection of books for the enthusiastic reader, a projection room directly beneath the stars to view your favorite movie in theatre style, A Puja/Prayer Room for meditation, as well as a multipurpose hall for activities such as Yoga, music, and art, are available.

With various indoor activities, a cards table, and a TT table, the gaming zone is reminiscent of sports played in the 1980s.

Finally, we have a wall with therapeutic herbs and plants for people to experiment with gardening. The guest rooms for the inhabitants’ families’ visits are located adjacent to the main structure. Isn’t this living the dream?

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How To Make Your Home Lockdown Friendly

During uncertain times like this, we find ourselves locked in close quarters for several
months on end. Humans are social creatures and this period of time goes starkly
against our natural instincts. We are in dire need to befriend our surroundings and make
them adapt to our current lifestyle. Here are a few ideas on how to preserve your sanity
and make your home lockdown-friendly.

The most painful part of being quarantined at home is not being able to spend time with
your loved ones and catch up on how they have been doing. Integrate technology into
your home and use it to keep in touch with your friends and family. Get on a video call
with them and satisfy a part of your social needs.

What you can do

You can also see this quarantine is a blessing in terms of self-care and give yourself a
much-needed break from the world. Use this time to check in with yourself and treat
yourself. Create a small workout space in your house with a couple of dumbbells and a
yoga mat. Light up scented candles and soak yourself in a relaxing evening bath.

Bust out all your sources of entertainment, bring out your favorite novels and movies.
You can finally surrender to all your guilty pleasures and give into them. Catch up on
years of missed opportunities for fun. Play some board and card games with your

Practice mindfulness in the form of some gardening near your house. Try and add little
touches of greenery all around the house to have a little element of the great outdoors
in your everyday space. Separate your workspace from your living area to instill a sense
of boundary and separation between your personal and professional time.

With a few right moves and a positive attitude, we will all make it out of this situation
happy and healthy.

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Use Of Color In Interior Designs

Many homeowners will devote a significant amount of effort to choosing the appropriate color scheme for their home’s interior décor. Older people think more about the size of the space.

Some individuals like to use bright colors in gloomy areas of the house and darker hues when they want to create a warm atmosphere.

The use of color in interior designs can set the mood in any room of the home where color is applying.

The colors can be evoke a sense of uniformity and well-being.

Some people choose to app to generate a sense of consistency and well-being, apply it throughout the house.

Some individuals choose to use lighter hues on the walls and then a darker but complementary shade of the same color on the ceilings in each room.

When it comes to the use of color in interior design, homeowners have the option of blending themes with the colors they select.

Darker colors, such as blue, may be used by parents for a boy’s room to match the sports theme and motifs that they apply to the walls, such as ballpark murals and those that mimic an international circuit, which are often the choice of a die-hard NASCAR fan..

Some points

Many homeowners will utilize color in interior design throughout the home so that it blends with the wallpaper.

The wallpaper used as a border around the ceiling will be more appealing if the use of color in interior design serves to highlight one fundamental hue in the wallpaper.

Some border colors might become more vibrant when the color on the wall is precisely opposite the color of the wallpaper.

This arrangement is typically selected for teenage rooms that have a strong preference for pink and want their room to be suitable for a princess, complete with carriages, crowns, and occasionally feathers.

The finishing touch on rooms that are this elaborate would consider the use of color in interior designs that could be considered complete with the addition of wispy curtains and a complimentary light fixture.

Many homeowners may go through a number of fabric swatch samples before deciding on the best one for a certain section of the house.

Then they’ll utilize color in interior design in the space to bring out the rich grains and weaves of the fabric on the walls while still developing the flow that they’re aiming for.

Homeowners may opt to utilize genuine wood planking along the bottom sections of walls to create a visual route inside a business area.

Other people might prefer to apply tiles to walls and the use of color in interior designs in a bathroom might be based on the protective qualities that the paint provides against water damage. Latex paints are available in many color choices and this type of paint is very suitable for use in rooms that have a high level of exposure to humidity and wetness.

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7 Interior Design Trends To Lookout In 2018

“It looks like industry experts and Interior Designers are taking a leaf out of the 70’s era. 2018’s designs are going to be dominated by earthy tones, soft color and vibrant shade pairings, and luxurious textures.”

7 Interior Design Trends To Lookout In 2018.

Indoor Gardens

Adding plants indoor is one of the best ways to bring in a natural element to your decor. Plants tend to have a calming effect on people and can be used in almost any way, shape, and form. If you have a modern interior, for example, that requires simplicity, you can look at planters with clean lines and simple shapes. Terrariums are one of my favorites to brings plants in any space, which require very little maintenance. Artificial grass another trend going very strong used indoors in office and homes.

Imperfection and rustic simplicity

Also called wabi-sabi, means to accept imperfection. This is becoming increasingly popular wedding decor trend. Wear and tear, chipped wood, cracked walls, and anything that is handmade will work just fine. As wabi-sabi is anti-consumerism, you can embrace this trend into your home without having to make a hole in your pockets.

Large wall art

interior design trendsThis trend allows you to use your creativity, break some of the conventional rules of interior designing, and use new and exciting proportions. By using big wall art, you can create a prominent focal point that can make your space seem spacious and less cluttered. Large wall art also fills your interior space to the brim with personality. The best part about this trend is that you don’t have to spend millions. There are tons of stock images available online that you can buy and print on a canvas or wallpaper at your local printing business. Large wall art is definitely a part of the Interior Design Trends To Lookout In 2018.

Floral and Tropical patterns

Another simple way to incorporate nature into your decor is with Floral or tropical patterns. This trend is easy to bring into your home with wallpaper or printed stock art containing big floral and leaf motifs. The goal is to add a beauty and a serene and calming presence to your space. Combining the colours and shapes of nature with art can help you achieve this perfectly.


Flooring is a prominent consideration during interior designing. Your floor is the visual foundation of your interior project and it should complement your design. Flooring is also the component of your interior design that are in constant use and should be of highest quality. When considering flooring, practicality goes hand-in-hand with creativity. Carpets are the perfect way to provide your floor with an aesthetic appeal as well as protection. Oriental carpets are becoming popular as they are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes and are compatible with most interior designing styles. “Chatai” mats are also becoming extremely common as they are available in many colours and vibrant designs.

Darker shades of Woods

If you want to give your space a warm and rich element, you may want to look at darker shades of woods. Furniture or boards made from, rosewood, walnut, or teak have been around for a long time, and you can easily incorporate them into any style of interior designing, whether it’s modern, minimalist, traditional, or transitional. Using Laminates over Veneer can also save some bucks.

Geometrical shelves

interior design trendsGeometrical shelves come in a wide variety of shapes. It is the perfect way to add a special and angular look to a room. They can be designed and made to fit in a specific way, which is ideal for unconventional or empty spaces like under a staircase or the wall above a couch. These shelves can be as small, simple, large, or complex as you like. Not only do they have a unique look, but they are also practical as they allow for the display of other types of decor and accessories like books, art pieces, or plants.

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