Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How will the Interior Designer help me?

Our expert interior designers are qualifies and have experience in designing visually pleasing and practical designer environments. Within the client’s financial constraints.

They will help you navigate through the maze interior is, helping you understand how to best use your space, what color’s will work well and even what kind of lighting to use. Our team will also help you understand various materials in the market and what is best suited for your space and needs.

  • Do I have to pay extra for the professional design services?

No, design services are free for rooms that are part of the order and the order value is above Rs. 500,000/-

  • Will your team help me which selection of lighting, curtains, wallpapers etc.?

Yes, our team will help you with the selection of lighting, curtains or wallpapers, however selection visits are dependent on order size and are limited as below:
1, Order value from Rs 5,00,000 – 8,00,000 – 2 selection visits included.
2. Order value from Rs 8,00,000 – 10,00,000 – 4 selection visits included.
3. Order value from Rs 10,00,000 – 15,00,000 – 5 selection visits included.
4. order values above Rs 15,00,000 – 9 selection visits included.
Note: each visit is for a period of 4 hours, additional visits if required can be provided at Rs 5000/per visit +taxes.

  • What does your professional design service include?

Our professional design services include the following services:
1. Customized design as per your requirements with-in the standard framework of In Design Decor’s module.
2. Helping you visualize your space using base 3d modelling software- sketch up
3. Hi-quality 3d renders for only bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms which are part of the order with In Design Decor – you can see your space in 3d
4. Professional design services will be provided for a period of 60 days from the date of sign up with In Design Decor. With a free extension of 15days in case of delays, after 75 days the designer will be available to help with selections, monitoring the work at site as per In Design Decor standards and advise at no extra cost for the duration of the project and as per the terms and conditions of selection visits based on order value. However, an extension of design services is available for Rs. 25,000 for 21days.
5. Electrical modification plans and False ceilings plans if the same are ordered with In Design Décor only.
6. Material selection and recommendations for entire order with In Design Decor.
7. Lighting, wallpaper, wall décor recommendations and selections as part of selection visits.

  • When does the custom design process start?

The custom design process starts after you start with In Design Decor and pay the 5% advance.
Can I make changes to the first design presented to me?
Yes, you can ?, we believe your space should be perfect for you and our design team is happy to make relevant changes to the design based on written feedback or a change request form. We do not limit you to the number of design iterations, however after 2 iterations on the first design, the next stage of payment will be triggered, i.e. 15% of order value. Post this payment you can keep making further iterations till you are satisfied.

  • Time frame of delivery?

Our standard timeline for delivery is 90 days from the day of payment of 50% of total order value and design sign off. This includes procurement, production, multiple quality checks and installations by our trained team. There may be delay sometimes due to unforeseen conditions and disruption in supply chain, in which case we will keep you posted at all times and try our best to deliver as fast as possible.

  • Site supervision?

In the initial estimate the number of visits which will be made by our team will be mentioned, if more visits are required, we can send our team at additional cost.

  • Care on site?

Our team takes utmost care to ensure that your space stays protected during our installation process. We will also cover all switches and flooring to ensure that it is protected to the maximum level possible. This protection is optional and chargeable at Rs 25/sqft of your covered area.

  • Installation?

Our trained team of installers take care of all your furniture and design related installation, we design it – we install it. This is the best way to ensure that your space looks exactly like you imagined. You no longer have to worry about unprofessional labor. With In Design Decor you are in safe hands.

  • Quality?

We only work with the best brands in India & around the world. All our products are tested & developed with these brands to ensure maximum life for your space. We also have stringent & documented quality control to ensure that each piece of furniture is delivered to match our high standards.

  • Civil, False ceiling and electrical Work is included?

In Design Decor aims to bring you a one of a kind design & Build experience, which means we will do almost anything to bring your dream space to life. So, you can relax and our team will take care of everything.
All extra services like civil work, electrical, false ceiling can be taken up by In Design Decor. These will be based on our standard fixed rates which includes labor management and installation on your behalf. The final cost of these services will be made as per actual s after signup and sign visits & measurements will be a part of your final estimate or Invoice.

  • Post sale service?

Facing an issue with your interior post occupation? Not a problem, our team is just a call/email away. We have a Dedicated Client Resolution team that will help solve any problems you may face and will continue to provide you with after sale service in line with our warranty policy. So you can relax not only during but even after you move in.

  • Dedicated Client Resolutions?

Your happiness is of the utmost importance to us, which is why you will have dedicated client resolution manager from the movement you sign on with In Design Decor. ( that’s right… we have people who measure your happiness ? anytime you feel the need please reach out to them and they will work with the concerned team to solve any issues with the level of service you get with In Design Decor.

  • What material do you use?

At In Design Decor we have tested certain materials and finishes which we believe work best for Indian conditions and we work only with these materials. All our fixed furniture is offered as standard with plywood carcasses. For a detailed reference of material and brands we work with, please check your estimate or ask your dedicated designer to share the list.

  • Which are the brands you work with?

At In Design Decor we work with only the best national and international brands sourcing directly from them: Hettich, Merino, Grass, St Gobain, Faber, Asian paints. And Greenlam are few brands we work with for a detailed reference of materials and brands we work with please check your estimate or ask your dedicated designer to share the list.

  • Can you use plywood recommended by us?

Unfortunately, No. since we are a fully backward- integrated company and each raw material used by us is tested to ensure uniform quality, we cannot work with any other brand than those specified by us. This is mainly as we know after our intensive research, that they work best and will last you the longest in Indian conditions.
We have already done the research and hard work so you don’t have to worry about quality.

  • What is your per sqft cost?

Since every space if unique and different, we do not have a standard square foot cost. Our costing is ascertained by our in-house software that ensures fair pricing for all our clients and is based on individual unit basis.

  • My Initial estimate – What does it contain?

All our estimate is based on your first interaction with our design expert and captures your basic requirements. The price is calculated based on floor plan shared by you. Which means that the sizes are tentative and subject to change based on actual measurements. Or a change in requirements.
Your estimate will contain unit cost and size, go through that carefully. As a standard practice all our initial estimates go out with our standard finish as laminate unless specifically mentioned otherwise.

  • How is pricing calculated?

Each product is priced individually based on its size & design. The material finish and hardware used for storage options. The prices are generated dynamically from our software based on custom design, giving you flexibility to create exceptionally designed spaces.