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A budding idea in 2003, which  came to life by Pooja Agarwal from India, and has created many dream projects in the residential and commercial space. Pooja is an high-end luxury Interior Designer of Bangalore specializing in high-end luxury bespoke interiors and renovations for private clients in India, currently heading the In Design Decor team.

In Design Decor is one of the Leading High-End Interior Design Companies in Bangalore and is fully established by the contemporary interior designer in 2018, working as a Chief Interior designer creating stunning high-end interiors for both residential and commercial clients. Bespoke Interiors and full renovations are managed with ease. 

Why Choose In Design Decor ?


In Design Decor design Interiors in a way it gives you up to 30% more usable space in your home. Our Interior Designs will enhance your Living Environment with clever use of space in your new home.

We offer you fixed price Interior Design contracts with no hidden costs in Bangalore.

Overall cost of Interiors is less when you are happy with the Interior Design and functional aspects of your apartment. People tend to re-do their Interiors when they are not happy with their Interior Design and execution. Elegance lasts longer and therefore costs you less


Meeting an Interior designer? Act like a pro! Know the Styles of Designing

Have you ever wondered what the Interior designers mean when they use words like contemporary, traditional, urban chic, electric.

The style of designing any given space by use of décor in the form of colour, shape, texture, inspiration from a particular era different styles were created and further named after them.

Extremely difficult to mention all styles, So! In this blog let me explain few styles for your easy understanding. So the next time you meet an Interior Designer you can express the style that inspires you and should be used for your project.

Contemporary- meaning the style of today, the 20th Century, modern art, current trends in world market combined is contemporary style of designing. A style that inspires from the world is contemporary.

Urban- Styles relating to cities, cultures of towns and cities. So an urban style would be a culture trend of a particular city followed while designing the space.

Traditional- A style that has been transmitted and passed on by many generations. The way the space was decorated or designed by your anscestors or clan shall be the traditional style for you.

You can always combine two or more designs and do up Interiors. Know what inspires you, and style that defines your dream home or work space. Every style is flexible. Talk to your Interior designer to see how your style can be induced in the design.

Reach out for helping you decide the style for your next space to in Design Décor.

All the best!

Our Exclusive Client's

Doing it yourself

On the other hand can cost you a lot more – in terms of avoidable expense – later. This indeed is the story of many homes where items made by ill-trained carpenters cost a great deal in terms of satisfaction.

In Design Decor can eliminate the cost of learning and redoing the Interiors of your Homes and Offices in Bangalore use our expertise to get it right first time itself.

We buy raw materials directly from manufacturers and make items in factories under our direct supervision with stage wise quality check. Result is excellent quality, superb finish and good engineering at an affordable price. Even if you were to buy all materials and engage a carpenter, you will often end up spending more overall.

Time is money and we save you both by not only offering you shorter deliveries. But also on-time deliveries for Interior Design of your House. Get in touch with us to learn about our On-time Execution Guarantee.

Since, we offer you turn-key Designer interiors from A to Z in Bangalore, you do not have to run to many places to get the whole job done.

Affordable Luxury is only a phone call away.

Call – In Design Decor on 888 0139 622


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Get your home designed by expert designers from In Design Decor .


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