Use Of Color In Interior Designs

Many homeowners will put a considerable amount of time in determining the best use of color in interior designs throughout the home. They will take the size of the room into consideration and the way the room will be used. Some people choose to use bright colors in dark recesses of the home, and use darker colors when they are trying to achieve a warm effect.

The use of color in interior designs can set the mood in any room of the home where color is applied. The colors ca…


Meeting an Interior designer? Act like a pro! Know the Styles of Designing

Have you ever wondered what the Interior designers mean when they use words like contemporary, traditional, urban chic, electric. The style of designing any given space by use of decor in the form of colour, shape, texture, inspiration from a particular era different styles were created and further named after them. Extremely difficult to mention all styles, So! In this blog let me explain few styles for your easy understanding. So the next time you meet an Interior Designer you can express the style that inspires you and should be used for your project. Contemporary– meaning the style of today, the 20th Century, modern art, current trends in…